Web Designing

We understand the value of a Powerful and Appealing Design for the website, that is attractive enough to force the viewer to navigate whole website and keep engaged
We offer designing solutions keeping current trends in mind, based on the idea of client and our innovation bundled together to enhance the user experience that helps grow your business.

Designing is very important and initial step of all projects. In Webduo, we believe and understand the importance of good interface design, if someone opens the website it matters a lot that “How Powerful is the design of the website and it is Appealing enough that it can force the viewer to navigate the whole page and visit other pages as well.”


Designing Approach

A – User Interface Design

User interface design is the initial step of designing. We gather all the inputs from our client, additionally we analyze there competitors for better understanding the business & requirements and convert them into meaning full raw content. Our team of user interface and design experts, crafts a look and feel based of the raw content that delight’s the client.

B – Wireframe & Prototype

Prototype is the working model, that comes out after user interface design. This includes all the clickable elements, transitions, effects & animations that visualize the project. It helps the client to easily understand the flow and behavior of the project and simplify the feedback process, that helps speed up the final product.

We believe that technology shouldn’t be pushed forcefully but added logically.

We keep learning new tricks and keep us updated with latest trends & technologies. We know when and why to add responsive design, parallax, graphics, icon libraries, transitions & animations etc into the projects.

Our expert frontend developers team, converts designs into pixel perfect html that is tested cross-browser and written in valid WC3 HTML5/XHTML/CSS. We deliver custom tailored themes for CMS like wordpress, magento, opencart that is lighweight enough, speedy and easy to manage.
We like to except challenges. We don’t fictitiously claim that we are superior and master of everything but yes we are confident enough to do new and challenging things under our domain. Webduo has brought some of the most interesting and impressing projects to life.

Designing Solutions

Logo Design

A logo is the identifier of your business. Our talented designers summarize your whole business into an attractive logo that gives you and your business a new identity.

Website Design

Nicely designed websites attracts visitors. We help you design your website appealing enough that it keeps your visitor engaged and force them to visit the whole website.


Our expert frontend developers converts your PSD into pixel perfect HTML that is WC3 valid, cross browser tested and optimized. It includes the JS library and necessary elements & effects.

Graphic & Print Design

Our expert designers team can help you designing branding things and printing materials like brochure, business cards, cover letters and all other things important for your branding.

Landing Pages Design

All the marketing campaigns depends on the landing pages. We design landing pages for your campaign’s that is attractive and easy to use, that helps to grow your conversation rate.

Video & Animations

Video’s & Animations are the quick and fast way to explain tricky things easily. We make 3D Animations and custom video’s for distribution and presentations.